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Seaweed / Kelp (Konbu)

Takaokaya Roasted Shredded Seaweed Kizami Nori


Specifications• Manufacturer: Takaokaya • Ingredients: Roasted Seaweed.• 1oz / 28.3g• Width: 0.5mm• Shelf Life: Approximately 6 monthsTakaokaya shredded seaweed is ready to be sprinkled on Chirashi Sushi,...

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Urashima Hanedashi Sushi Nori Seaweed 10 Sheets


Specifications• Manufacturer: Urashima• Ingredients: Roasted Seaweed.• 1oz / 28g• Shelf Life: Approximately 6 monthsUrashima nori seaweed sheets is made with dried seaweed and lightly roasted.

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Miyabi High Grade Sushi Nori Seaweed 10 Sheets


Specifications• Manufacturer: Takaokaya• Ingredients: Roasted Seaweed.• Shelf Life: Approximately 6 monthsMiyabi nori seaweed sheets is made with dried seaweed carefully selected, and lightly roasted.

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Shredded Kelp 2-Year Dashi Ma-Konbu 5.8 oz / 165g


SpecificationsManufacturer: Matsumaeya/松前屋Ingredients: 2 year Ma-konbu (true bull kelp)165g/5.8 ozOrigin: 南茅部, Hokkaido in JapanShelf Life: 1 yearKonbu (or kombu), a tall, dark green plant which grows in shallow to medium deep cold seawater, is an...

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Shredded Shio Konbu - Salted Kelp 7.1 oz / 200g


SpecificationsManufacturer: Matsumaeya/松前屋Ingredients: 2-Year Ma-konbu (true bull kelp), soy sauce, sake, sweetener and L-glutamic acid200g/7.1 ozOrigin: 道南, Hokkaido in JapanShelf Life: 6 monthsShio konbu is kelp that has been simmered in soy sauce and...

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