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Takamura HSPS Pro Gyuto Knife 210mm (8.2")

5.0000 LBS

Product Description

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Style : Gyuto
Blade Length : 210mm (8.2")
Weight : 6.3 oz
Blade Material : *High Speed Powdered Steel (HSPS)
Handle Material : Resin-Treated Superior Compressed Wood
HRC : 63-64
Bevel Angle Ratio : 50/50
Spain Thickness : 3.35mm
Cover : Includes (a wooden saya cover)


*Takamura knives have an unusually sharp edge so if you are not a professional chef or do not have confidence in your knife skills, they may not be suitable for you. Please also keep in mind that this knife is delicate and should not be used for rough tasks.

*High Speed Powdered Steel (HSPS)

Powdered steel is made by using highly specialized technology to mechanically mix iron and other alloying elements in powder form. Powdered metal technology allows much higher amounts of alloying metals such as vanadium, which is responsible for the superior edge retention. While Takamura knives have a high HRC, they are still easy to sharpen because the HSPS core is sandwiched between soft low carbon steel.

This knife has a High Speed Powdered Steel (HSPS) core. High speed steel is the same remarkably hard material used to make drills and power saws that cut through other steel. It is also known as R2, which is a term that was coined by the steel manufacturer while Takamura was testing out different materials. By processing it into powder form, Takamura Cutlery has been able to create a more ductile and flexible product. Takamura knives redefine the meaning of sharpness and offer a taste of what is possible when traditional knife making methods and modern steel making technology are combined harmoniously.

Echizen hammer forged knives are known to have a thick spine but thin edge, and by recreating this classic silhouette with HSPS, Takamura Cutlery has managed to produce exceptionally steady knives that slice through effortlessly.

We have renamed this series as Takamura HSPS Pro to differentiate it from the red handle knives. HSPS Pro has the signature core material, HSPS, but harder outer steel. The handle is made with a more superior wood that is typically not used for knife handles, and is compressed four times more and has double the layers. Takamura Cutlery created the HSPS Pro series with culinary professionals and serious cooks in mind. HSPS provides remarkable edge retention to minimize the frequency of sharpening.

The gyuto is the Japanese version of the classic Western chef's knife but the blade is thinner and holds a sharper edge. Use it for chopping, mincing and slicing meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.


Because this knife has a core metal sandwiched between a different material, changing the bevel angle will alter the structure of the blade and it will lose its sharpness.

Product Videos

Behind the Scenes at Takamura Cutlery: Part 1- Heat Treating & Hammering 02:12 Takamura Cutlery was kind enough to let us film inside their factory in Fukui Prefecture of Japan. Watching this will help you see why their knives are of such high quality and why they are not more readily available.

  • Behind the Sce... http://www.mtcki...

Other Details

Stain Resistant
Powder Steel
Gyuto (Chef's Knife)
210mm (8.2")

Product Reviews

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  1. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 19th 2014

    The rumor proved to be true!
    Amazingly smooth edge.

  2. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 3rd 2014

    This is my go to knife. Really almost the only knife I need in my kitchen. The edge retention is amazing, there is practically no resistance. After I fell in love I got my brother-in-law a Takamura Damascus Sujihiki as a present, and now I may have to get one more knife since it is so light and balanced.

  3. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 29th 2014

    looking for real edge?
    This is the one.

  4. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 24th 2014

    I've never ever addicted to particular knife before. Some said it feels like cutting air. I totally agree.
    I've been using more than a month. PROs on this knife are not only extremely sharp edge,but also edge retention. Actually, I want to emphasize its long lasting edge retention more than initial sharpness.
    I'll definitely come back to MTC when I need slicer or any! I strongly recommend this knife to anyone who´s looking for truly Japanese cutlery.

  5. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 25th 2013

    I love my Takamura gyuto. I've compared this knife side by side with my carbon steel gyuto, German chefs knife and inox gyuto (cutting into a daikon and also peeling the skin). The Takamura is definitely the superior knife. I had Takamura-san teach me how to sharpen this knife so I'm happy with its performance even a year after I've been using it. It's hard not to recommend this knife to everyone!

  6. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 26th 2012

    Feels like I'm cutting into butter even with stuff like carrots. The sound it makes as it cuts through is different from any other knife I've used, and it's actually pretty easy to sharpen considering how hard it is. I bought a red handle santoku as a gift for my mum because these Takamura knives are truly awesome!

  7. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 11th 2012

    I saw this knife and tried it out at the Mutual Trading restaurant show last weekend. I don't need a knife so even though I really liked it I didn't buy it. But it felt so good in my hands and I kept thinking about how it felt like I wasn't even cutting into anything. This is my first high speed powder steel knife and I'm looking forward to seeing how much it really retains its edge. So far so good!

  8. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 8th 2012

    i bought the smaller one and a paring knife. i absolutely love this knife. everyone at work is so jealous! i wrote more on the paring knife review but i just had to express how amazing these knives are because i met the blacksmiths who made these knives and i agree that slicing into carrots feels like slicing butter.

  9. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 7th 2012

    WHAT AN AMAZING KNIFE! I actually bought this knife at Star Chefs this year but I had to come back and check out this site. I met the guy who made this knife too and he engraved my name in the gyuto I bought. They let me try the knife there and it seriously felt like I was slicing butter when I cut into a carrot. It's unlike any knife I've used. I bought the 21cm gyuto but I will definitely save up to get the damascus sujihiki. I'm so stoked about using this knife!

  10. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 7th 2012

    i wanted to get the damascus gyuto but it was too expensive so i got this one instead. but it's still an awesome knife. so sharp- felt so smooth going into anything i cut. just a beautiful knife overall. it was greta to meet the blacksmith from takamura! i got my name in japanese engraved and i'm incredibly happy with this purchase. this was the best booth at starcehfs icc!

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