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Tea Strainers

Tea Strainer with Bamboo Handle


Free Shipping to Contiguous USSpecifications· Stainless Steel and bamboo· 3"/7.5 cm dia (SKU:7845)· 3.3"/8.5 cm dia (SKU:7844)A tea strainer with bamboo handle.dl[class="productView-info"] {display:none;}

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Stainless Steel Tea Strainer


Free Shipping to Contiguous USSpecifications• Stainless Steel• 2.5" dia x 6"Use this to catch tea leaves when using a teapot that doesn't quite strain all the leaves. Also great for sifting cocoa powder or confectionery sugar when...

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Tea Strainer with no handle 2.75" dia


Free Shipping on Orders over $50 for Bar Tools within the Contiguous USSpecifications• Stainless steel• 2.75" dia (7cm dia)A tea strainer for tea pots.

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