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Tabletop Cookware

Japanese hot pot dish called Nabemono (or simply Nabe) is a hearty wintertime specialty, in which fish, seafood, meat and/or vegetables are cooked in unseasoned fish broth and kept hot at the dining table by portable stoves.

Nabemono are usually served into Tonsui bowls and eaten with a sauce sometimes called tare, literally "dipping".

Pots are usually placed in the center of dining tables and are shared by multiple people. This is considered the most sociable way to eat with friends and family.

Ceramic 1 Cup Rice Cooking Pot - Small


Banko-yaki is a style of Japanese ceramics that is particularly suitable for retaining heat. The far infrared radiation helps the heat penetrate to the core of each grain of rice, resulting in fluffy, moist and shiny rice.This rice cooking pot can be...

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Striped Donabe Earthenware Pot 131 fl oz / 10.5" dia


Donabe literally means "clay pot" and is an essential piece of cookware in Japanese homes. With a glazed interior and porous exterior, these casseroles are typically used for tabletop cooking on a portable gas stove. Especially during colder seasons,...

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