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Sake Coolers

Double-Walled Stainless Steel Wine Cooler


Specifications• Material: Stainless Steel• Dimensions: 6" dia x 7.75" ht• Fits Standard Wine & Champagne Bottles• Weight: 1.29 lbs This stainless steel bottle cooler is smoothly contoured and double-walled to keep...

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Red Sake & Wine Cooler


Material: Plastic (AB Resin)Dimensions: 6" dia x 6" htSKU#: 92149 This is a plastic yet elegant looking red sake cooler that can be filled with ice to cool bottles or sake servers. This bucket is big enough for a 720ml bottle.

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Sake & Wine Cooler


Specifications• Material: Plastic (AB Resin)• Dimensions: 6.3" dia x 6.81" ht (16cm dia x 17.3cm ht)• Capacity: 63 fl oz / 1860 ml• Weight: 1.14 lbs This is a plastic yet elegant looking sake cooler that can be...

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Bamboo Sake & Wine Cooler


Specifications• Material: Bamboo• Dimensions: 5.35" dia x 7.24" ht (13.6cm dia x 18.4cm ht)• Capacity: 48 fl oz / 1360 ml• Weight: 0.79 lbsThis bamboo tabletop cooler has a clean and natural look and is suitable...

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