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Wine Glasses

Organic Shaped Glass Sake Cup with Stand 2.5 fl oz


Specifications• Material: Glass (Aderia Glass)• Dimensions: 2.36" dia x 3.31" ht (6cm dia x 8.4cm ht)• Capacity: 75 ml / 2.5 fl oz• Weight: 0.27 lbsSake is Japanese national alcoholic beverage brewed from rice, and...

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Organic Shaped Glass Sake Cup with Stand 5 fl oz


Specifications• Material: Glass (Aderia Glass)• Dimensions: 2.95" dia x 4.84" ht (7.5cm x 12.3cm ht)• Capacity: 148 ml / 5 fl oz• Weight: 0.56 lbsThis glass with stand is great for serving ginjyo sake, also sharing...

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