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Wine Glasses

Blue Kiriko Cut-Glass Style Wine Glass 2.3 fl oz


Considered an artwork of the industry, Kiriko is the traditional Japanese technique of glass carving. This glass details the technique of Kiriko and can be held and enjoyed in a casual setting. It's perfect for enjoying a glass of wine of course, or even...

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Organic Shaped Glass Sake Cup with Stand 5 fl oz


Specifications• Material: Glass (Aderia Glass)• Dimensions: 2.95" dia x 4.84" ht (7.5cm x 12.3cm ht)• Capacity: 148 ml / 5 fl oz• Weight: 0.56 lbsThis glass with stand is great for serving ginjyo sake, also sharing...

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Organic Shaped Glass Sake Cup with Stand 2.5 fl oz


Specifications• Material: Glass (Aderia Glass)• Dimensions: 2.36" dia x 3.31" ht (6cm dia x 8.4cm ht)• Capacity: 75 ml / 2.5 fl oz• Weight: 0.27 lbsSake is Japanese national alcoholic beverage brewed from rice, and...

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