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Kobachi Appetizer Bowls

Organic Shaped Glass Salad & Cereal Bowl 18 fl oz / 5.04" dia


Specifications• Material: Glass (Aderia Glass)• Dimensions: 5.04" dia x 3.58" ht (12.8cm dia x 9.1cm ht)• Capacity: 18 fl oz / 530 ml• Weight: 0.88 lbsTebineri is actually the name of the technique to make the...

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Organic Shaped Glass Dessert Bowl 6 fl oz / 3.94" dia


Specifications• Material: Glass (Aderia Glass)• Dimensions: 3.94" dia x 2.6" ht (10cm x 6.6cm ht)• Capacity: 6 oz / 180 ml• Weight: 0.38 lbsTebineri is actually the name of the technique to make the twists &...

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Textured Glass Bowl 8 fl oz / 4.72" dia


Aesthetic appeal in traditional Japanese cuisine has always played a vital role, and the choice of tableware is just as important as the choice of ingredients. While a lot of other cuisines prefer a plain white canvas, Japanese chefs use plates, bowls,...

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