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Sushi Supplies

Sushi is undoubtedly the most popular and well known Japanese food in the world. With a history that dates back to more than 1000 years ago, sushi has evolved over time and across borders.

These are items that are essential to any sushi bar. If you would like to get more guidance in choosing your sushi bar equipment, please contact us at 201-806-1827 or

  • Makisu Sushi Rolling Mats

    Makisu Sushi Rolling Mats

  • Sushi & Sashimi Serveware

    Sushi & Sashimi Serveware

  • Bento Boxes

    Bento Boxes

  • Hangiri Rice Barrels Shamoji Spatulas

    Hangiri Rice Barrels & Shamoji Spatulas

  • Rice Cookers Warmers

    Rice Cookers & Warmers

  • Rice Presses Molds

    Rice Presses & Molds

  • Mise En Place Containers

    Mise En Place Containers

  • Cookware


  • Sushi Chef Tools

    Sushi Chef Tools

  • Soy Sauce Dishes Dispensers

    Soy Sauce Dishes & Dispensers

  • Miso Soup Bowls

    Miso Soup Bowls

  • Serving Trays

    Serving Trays

  • Sushi Take Out Containers

    Sushi Take Out Containers

  • Baran Decorative Plastic Grass

    Baran Decorative Plastic Grass

  • Sushi Cases & Accessories

    Sushi Cases & Accessories

  • Sushi Robots

    Sushi Robots

  • Low Temperature Freezers

    Low Temperature Freezers