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Super Hygienic Non-Stick Sushi Rolling Mat - Plastic Makisu

Super Hygienic Sushi Rolling Mat

HASEGAWA Super Hygienic Sushi Rolling MatHASEGAWA produces and distributes mostly commercial grade kitchenware in Japan. They are focused on preventing serious food-borne diseases caused by bacteria such as E. coli viruses. Their production process is managed with meticulous care. In Japan, HASEGAWA's kitchenware is highly valued for their benefits on sanitary management among restaurants, catering services, hotels and food factories. Their belief promotes safe and secure kitchenware to reach high level standards all over the world!

Why is this plastic sushi roll mat becoming so popular?
Super Hygienic

This makisu is made with embossed plastic strips bounded monofilament strings which are dishwasher safe, bleach safe, making it the best substitute for traditional bamboo and cotton strings.

You don't have to worry about splintering or black mold like you typically see with conventional bamboo ones.

Easy and quick drying means that it can be used continuously.

Versatile Rolling Mat

The rolling mat can be used not just for Sushi Rolls, but just about anything that you need to wrap or roll. Even Roll Cake or with boiled vegetables like spinach to squeeze out excess water.

Versatile Rolling Mat
Super Hygienic Sushi Rolling Mat
Easy to Roll

The embossed strip surfaced mat prevents rice from sticking when rolling "Uramaki*" style rolls. (*Rolls with the rice on the outside).

You can put rice directly on the mat and just roll it! No need to use plastic wrap!

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Hasegawa Super Hygienic Sushi Roll Mat
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