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Suehiro New Cerax Sharpening Stones

Suehiro New Cerax Sharpening Stones

Suehiro New Cerax Sharpening Stones Sharpening with natural whetstones does have a distinct polishing characteristic like its original shine and nice finishes seen on Japanese swords. This is something unique to natural whetstones. Natural Whetstones also include impurities that can harm, damage and even crack the knife during the sharpening process. Manufacturing with a natural material leaves to inconsistencies in production like varying levels of hardness for each individual stone.

Cerax synthetic whetstones were finally produced after a lot of tedious research. Cerax offers a steady supply of whetstones that have stable production quality, reasonable prices and can be purchased easily by everyone. It's often said that Cerax Synthetic whetstones are superior to natural whetstones. This is because the entire manufacturing process is done by Cerax to ensure quality control and to develop a synthetic whetstone like natural whetstones.

Suehiro New Cerax Sharpening Stones
Friendly with any type of steel

New Cerax works with a wide variety of steel, from Carbon white steel to hard Powder steel.

Suehiro New Cerax Sharpening Stones
Confortable Use with Cerax Stones

When you sharpen with Cerax stones you will notice how comfortable, soft and smooth the motions become. This is due to the particles being released from the slurry. While the slurry buffers and polishes your blade, the abrasiveness of the stone cuts metal quickly, getting you a razor sharp finish, faster.

Suehiro New Cerax Sharpening Stones
Cerax Stone Stays Flat Longer

The structure and manufacturing process of the stone is designed so Cerax stones won't concave quickly like ordinary synthetic brick stones.

Customers left satisfied
Best Double Side Stones

#280 and #1500 are the best Grit combo for daily sharpening.

Great Coarse Whetstone

A great whetstone for repairing broken tip of my VG10 knife. Only spent less than 10 min to recreate the tip. Good feedback. Highly recommended! 

Cutting Steal Fast

you guys have good collection of double sided stones. 1000/3000 works perfect on my Shun knives.