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Please be advised, MTC Kitchen will be closed on Monday May 27th in observance of Memorial Day.
We will resume operations on Tuesday May 28th.


[NEW] King NEO #800 Knife Sharpening Stone ST-4


SpecificationsMaterial: Synthetic stoneGrit: 800 (Coarse)Dimensions: Type: Splash-and-goKing NEO is a splash-and-go 800 grit stone from Matsunaga Stone Co. that is specifically formulated for stainless steel. Despite its designation as the “stainless...

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[NEW] King Hyper #1000 Knife Sharpening Stone


SpecificationsMaterial: Synthetic stoneGrit: 1000 (Medium)Dimensions: Type: SoakingKing Hyper 1000 is a soaking stone made by Matsunaga Corp. Most people will compare this to the ubiquitous King Deluxe 1000, being the same grit and manufactured by the...

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King #220 Knife Sharpening Stone

$18.50 $12.95

SpecificationsMaterial: Synthetic stoneGrit: 220 (Coarse)Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 3/4"This whetstone is mounted on a plastic holder.Use this coarse grit stone to fix minor chips and damages and to create an edge on a dull blade. You can also use a...

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King #6000 Knife Sharpening Stone S-3


SpecificationsMaterial: Synthetic stoneGrit: 6000Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 1/2"This whetstone is mounted on a plastic holder.Use this fine grit stone after sharpening with a coarse and medium grit to remove any scratches on the surface or to simply...

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King Combination #250/#1000 Knife Sharpening Stone

$18.00 $12.60

SpecificationsMaterial: Synthetic stoneGrit: 250/1000 (Double Sided)Dimensions: 8" x 2" x 1"This stone is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to spend money on two stones. You can fix any minor chips and create an edge with the #250 and turn the stone...

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King #1000 Delux Knife Sharpening Stone


Specifications• Material: Synthetic stone• Grit: 1000• Dimensions:Large (90376): 8.25" x 2.5" x 1.4" ht (21x6.5x3.5cm)Extra Large (91519): 8.25" x 2.75" x 2.4" ht (21x7x6cm)• Type: SoakingIf you want to buy just...

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King #1000 Home Knife Sharpening Stone K-45


Specifications• Material: Synthetic stone• Grit: 1000• Dimensions: 7 1/8" x 2" x 5/8" ht• Type: SoakingThis whetstone is mounted on a plastic holder.Use this medium grit stone to create a cutting edge on a blade...

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