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Sakai Takayuki White Steel Kamagata Usuba Knife 210mm (8.2") Kasumi with Saya

5.0000 LBS

Product Description

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Style : Usuba
Length : 210mm (8.2")
Weight : 8.9 oz
Special Feature : Kasumi
Blade Material : White Steel
Handle Material : (Hō) Japanese Magnolia
Bolster Material : Water Buffalo Horn
HRC : 61
Bevel Angle Ratio : Single bevel
Cover : Wooden Saya is included

*Please be advised that each product varies in appearance because the materials used for the bolster are all natural. The knife you receive will be unique and slightly different from the image.

Blade & Handle

Kasumi knives like this usuba are produced by hand-forging high-carbon steel (white steel) with iron. The carbon steel becomes the knif's cutting edge while the iron forms the spine and body of the blade. This combination of materials creates a knife that is less brittle than the honyaki-style, and easier to sharpen. Many carbon steel knives are made using coke fuel but Tsukiji Masamoto knives are made using charcoal, which produces higher quality blades because of the gradual rather than abrupt temperature change.

Carbon steel blades like this kasumi require more delicate handling and care than stain-resistant knives, but are sharper. Kasumi knives are the standard blade of Japanese chefs. Its sharp and exceptionally thin edge lets cooks slice through hard vegetables such as carrots.

Usuba Knife

The usuba is an ideal knife for fine dicing and julienne and brunoise slicing. In Japan's Kanto region (Tokyo), the usuba has a square tip, while in the Kansai region (Osaka and Kyoto), this knife comes with a rounded tip and is referred to as the kamagata usuba. Both styles cut in the same manner. The usuba is used for katsuramuki, a fundamental Japanese chefs' technique to cut paper thin sheets of vegetables (like daikon).

Warning: Carbon steel knives will rust if not maintained properly. Use the Tsukiji Masamoto or Sabitohru Rust Remover to clean oxidized blades.
-Tsukiji masamoto Rust Remover
-Sabitohru Rust Remover

Other Details

Carbon Steel
210mm (8.2")

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