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Ramen Essentials

20% Off Ramen Bowls, Kitchenware for Ramen
20% discount valid on **items under the category of Ramen Essentials at MTC Kitchen store and online at mtckitchen.com from October 15th, 2018, 12:00am through October 31st, 2018, 11:59pm EST. Code MTCRAMEN20 must be presented at the time of purchase to receive discount. No adjustments to previous purchases. Discount cannot be combined with any other offers.
**Atago Soup Refractometers are excluded.
  • Ramen Bowls

    Ramen Bowls

    We have variety of ramen bowls which are typically used for serving ramen but can also be used for other noodle dishes such as soba, udon, and hearty soups.

  • Ramen Spoons & Chopsticks

    Renge Spoons & Chopsticks

    Renge spoons are essential for ramen noodle. We have different materials of renge spoons such as ceramic, melamine plastic and also wood.

  • Noodle Strainers

    Noodle Strainers

    These noodle strainers are designed to hook over the pot during boiling noodles and strain them right after cooking is done.

  • Ramen Ladles

    Ladles for Ramen

    These stainless steel ladles are essential for making ramen soup. Measuring tare, scooping ramen stock into a bowl.

  • Soup Pots

    Soup Pots

    These hammered pots called ”Yukihira nabe" create more surface area on the pot exterior for conducting heat, while on the inside of the pot, the dimples help prevent foods from burning and sticking. Good to making ramen stock at home.

  • Yakumi Mise En Place Pan

    Yakumi Mise En Place Pans

    These "Mise en place" containers refer to having all ingredients prepared and ready to go in the busy kitchen. Ingredients prepared up front and kept in the containers save time to serve dishes to customers.