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Due to high order volume, Ground shipments and deliveries are delayed 4 business days. We will update your shipment status as soon as possible.

Open a Business Account

Open a Business Account with MTC Kitchen

A business account is specialized for restaurant, resale and wholesale customers. We would like to offer qualified business customers special discounted rates. Application is free and easy!

Why should I sign up for a business account?

Business customers may take advantage of wholesale pricing and large order discounts based on their order size for ★tableware, kitchenware, disposable items, and food products.

What is required to be eligible for a business account?

For restaurant customers, your business name and according business address are required. For resale customers, a copy of resale certificate has to be sent to us.

How do I apply for a Business account?

  1. Create a general online login account here.
  2. Once your account has been registered and you have logged onto our website, you will see a new link appear at the top of the site - Business Account Application - or you may click here to access the application directly.
  3. Complete the Business Account Application and submit for approval, you will be notified of the application status within 1-2 business days. You will not be able to access Business account pricing until we have verified your application. Once your account application has been approved, your account will be updated for access to our business account pricing and online ordering. If you need to get in touch with us about business ordering quickly, feel free to call us at 201-806-1827.
  4. Once your business account is approved, you may place an order online.

★ You need to log onto our website to see your pricing.
★ Your discount eligibility will be determined according to your previous purchases.

Details for business ordering

  • All items on our website are available for ordering, however some items will be ordered from Japan if the quantity of stock is not sufficient to fulfill your order. It may take at minimum 12 weeks by sea or 3 weeks by air (extra costs will be incurred) depending on manufacturers’ availability and the freight schedule.
  • We currently accept business orders from U.S., Canada and Mexico only (food products are not eligible to be shipped to Canada or Mexico).
  • We do not support dropshipping fulfillments at our warehouse.