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Miracle Non-stick Rice Spatula with Silicone 7.5"


This textured non-stick spatula (or shamoji) makes scooping and serving rice much easier.SpecificationsMaterial: Plastic, SiliconeDimensions: 7.5" L x 2.75" WThis product can withstand temperatures from -20°C (-4°F) up to 120°C (248°F)Made om...

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Gyoza Turner with Wood Handle 7" x 3"


This turner is perfect for flip gyoza, meats, poultry, vegetables, and more on your flat top griddle. The Wood handle itself offers an easy-to-grip surface.SpecificationsMaterial: Stainless and woodDimensions: 7" x 3"

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Bamboo Turner Spatula 11.8"


This large bamboo spatula is a great kitchen utensil for multipurpose use.SpecificationsMaterial: BambooDimensions: 11.8" (30cm) Length

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Large Bamboo Cooking Spatula 20.5"


This large bamboo spatula is a great kitchen utensil for cooking with large pots and tilting skillets. This bamboo material was carbonized in a high pressure steam boiler (200-300 degrees Fahrenheit) to form a layer of hard carbide particles. This layer...

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Okonomiyaki Spatula


This plastic spatula is typically used to flip the savory Japanese pancake called okonomiyaki, but it can be used for flipping other foods like pancakes.SpecificationsMaterial: PlasticDimensions: 6 7/8" x 5 1/2"

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Large Plastic Rice Spatula


A large plastic spatula (or shamoji) for scooping and serving rice.SpecificationsMaterial: PlasticDimensions: 19 5/8"

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Wooden Rice Spatula


This large wooden spatula is a great ornamental piece that can be used as a serving utensil.SpecificationsMaterial: WoodLength:Medium: 14.17" (36cm) - #91189Large: 21.25" (54cm) - #91188dl[class="productView-info"] {display:none;}

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Bamboo Rice Spatula for Kamameshi 7.9"


This bamboo spatula (or shamoji) is typically used for serving kamameshi rice, a dish in which the rice is cooked with dashi and other ingredients, and served in a cast iron or aluminum pot and wooden lid. This flavored rice dish is like a pilaf, which...

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Firm Silicone Scraper Spatula


Use this silicone scraper with a handle instead of a regular scraper to keep your hands mess free when passing purees through a tamis.SpecificationsMaterial: Silicone and woodDimensions: 4.72" x 7.87" (12 x 20cm)Heat resistance : up to 390°F (200°C)

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