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Yanagi (Sushi Knife)

The Yanagi is the essential tool for Japanese Sushi chefs. Created for slicing raw fish and seafood, the length and sharpness of the single bevel blade allow you to make one smooth pull to cleanly cut through delicate ingredients with very little force- resulting in perfect, glossy slices with no bruises, no rough surfaces. The Yanagi is the fish slicer traditionally used in Japan’s Kansai region (Osaka and Kyoto). 

Global Yanagi 250mm (9.8")


SpecificationsStyle : YanagiLength : 250mm (9.8")Weight : 7.68 ozBlade Steel Type : Cromova 18 Stain-ResistantHRC : 56-58Bevel Angle Ratio : Single bevelCover : Not includedGLOBAL KnivesGLOBAL has been designed by industrial designer Komin Yamada for...

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