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Seki Kanetsugu

Kanetsugu has its roots in Katana sword making and continued to forge blades from 1345 through to the Edo Period. They started to specialize in cooking knives as the samurai warriors lost their privilege of carrying Katana swords after the end of feudalism. Today, Kanetsugu combines the latest technology with their craftsmen’s skills to produce knives that still embody the brilliance of Japanese Katana swords but are more relevant to the modern cook. They are constantly looking for ways to innovate to provide their customers with knives that are easy to maintain and have a long lasting and sharp edge. Furthermore, as the descendants of traditional Katana blacksmiths, they strive to have as many people use and appreciate Japanese cutlery. One of the reasons why Kanetsugu's brand name is not more widespread is because they are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of several famous German and Japanese knife brands.
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