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Tea & Matcha

Yamamotoyama Jasmine Green Tea 16 Tea Bags


Fragrant jasmine blossoms add a delicate touch to fine Chinese green tea. The stimulating aroma and pleasant flavor make this tea a compliment to any meal.Specifications• Ingredients: Jasmine Scented Green Tea, Jasmine Flower• 16 tea...

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Yamamotoyama Houji-Cha Roasted Green Tea 16 Tea Bags


To achieve the appealing smoky essence of Hoji-cha, green tea leaves are lightly roasted. The result is an exceptional tea with an assertive taste.Specifications• Ingredients: Roasted Green Tea• 16 tea bags with aluminum...

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Yamamotoyama Sencha Green Tea 16 Tea Bags


A delicate blend of tender young leaves gives this tea a subtle flavor of the Orient. The pleasant light fragrance and refreshing simplicity make this green tea your favorite.Specifications• Ingredients: Green Tea• 16 tea bags with...

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Yamamotoyama Premium Sencha Green Tea 20 Tea Bags


Blended processed delicately to ensure premium quality, this refreshing and fragrant green tea is a favorite among tea drinkers.Specifications• Ingredients: Green Tea• 20 tea bags• 0.08oz (2.2g) / each• Steep 1-3...

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Yamamotoyama Pyramid Infusion Gyokuro Green Tea 10 Tea Bags


Gyokuro, which many consider the finest green tea on the planet, is produced exclusively in the famed tea gardens of Uji near Kyoto. Gyokuro, “pearl dew”or “precious dewdrop”green tea, has a light green color and mellow sweet taste. To fully savor this...

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Yamamotoyama Pyramid Infusion Apple Green Tea 10 Tea Bags


Savor the artful blending of premium Sencha green tea with crisp, sweet apple flavor and aroma as you sip this tea. Subtle flower notes of rose petal are also present, further enriching the experience. A beautiful tea for day-long enjoyment, each cup is...

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