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Dashi Packs

Yamaki Powdered Dashinomoto 35.2 oz / 1kg


Easy-to-use dashi powder with rich flavor of dried bonito. The powder form produces authentic-tasting Japanese cuisine without the effort of making stock from the raw ingredients.Specifications• Manufacturer: Yamaki• Ingredients:...

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Tairyo Dashi Granurated Authentic Japanese Bonito Soup Stock 2.2 LB (1 kg)


SpecificationsManufacturer: YamasaIngredients: Salt, Monosodium-Glutamate, Lactose, Dried bonito powder, Sugar, Disodium-5-Nosnate, Disodium-5-Guanylate2.2 LB (1 kg)Country of Origin: JapanShelf Life: 1 year Yamasa "Tairyo Dashi", Dehydrated Japanese...

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No MSG Kin no Kiwami Dashi Packs - Dried Bonito, Kelp, Shiitake Mushroom, Mackerel & Dried Herring 2.05 oz (0.3 oz x 7 packs)


Specifications Manufacturer: Tada PhilosophyIngredients: Salt, Katsuobushi (Dried Bonito), yeast extract, dextrin, sugar, Mackerel, Sardine, Konbu (kelp), powdered soy sauce, Shiitake Mushroom (*contains wheat)58g/2.05 oz (8.3g/0.3 oz x 8 packs)Country...

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Awase Dashi Packs - Kelp, Dried Bonito & Dried Sardines 31.7 oz (10 packs)


This awase (literally means "put together") dashi from the Matsumaeya Company is a blend of some of the finest ingredients available. Each dashi pack contains Ma konbu ("the king of kelp"), dried bonito and dried sardines. In a convenient form, these...

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