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Back of the House Supplies

20% Off with code MTCSUSHI20 - Magu Roll Fish & Meat Preservation Paper Towels


Magu Roll is Japan's leading brand of paper used for fish and meat. If you go to Tsukiji Market (the world's largest food market), you will see most tuna vendors using this product.The magu roll does not contain any adulterants so it is food safe. It is...

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Disposable Wet Hand Towels Oshibori 9" x 7.5"


These disposable wet hand towels (oshibori) are always given before the food is a served at a Japanese restaurant. They are essential for crab shacks and anywhere where the customer get their fingers messy while eating! Only sold by case...

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Tempura Lining Paper 100 / pack


This paper is typically used for plating tempura so it can absorb any excess oil.SpecificationsMaterial: Paper and kenafDimensions: 7 5/8" x 8 1/2" (19.7 cm x 21.8 cm)100 / pack

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Asahi Kasei Cooking Paper


Material: Silicon and paperDimensions: 13" x 98 ft (33 cm x 30 m)SKU#: 4877* Use in ovens and microwaves Both sides of the paper are lined with silicon so you can use either side. The surface is non-stick. The silicon layers will prevent oil or...

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20% Off with code MTCSUSHI20 - Pichitto / Pichit Water Absorbing Sheet (15sheets)


These magical Pichitto/Pichit sheets are popular among professional kitchens in Japan because they absorb excess moisture from meat and seafood without draining the umami. Simply explained, between two layers of the odorless and nontoxic polyvinyl...

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Reed Oil Absorbing Paper


Material: Natural pulp paper Dimensions: each roll consists of 75 sheets of 15" x 9 1/3" (38.5 cm x 24 cm) reed papers 2 rolls/pack SKU#: 94963 Leed paper is Japan's standard and top choice for both professional and at home use when it comes to oil...

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35 Micron Extra Thick Embossed Gloves Small (50/pack)


Bulk Discount Discount TierDiscount Value Over 1 dozen5% Off Over 2 dozen8% Off Over 3 dozen10% Off Over 4 dozen15% Off These durable, disposable, latex free emboss five-finger-squeeze gloves from Tokyo Pack are designed to comfortably cover your hands...

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Disposable Tea Bags (600 pieces)


Specifications• Plastic• 3.3" x 3.3"/8.5 cm x 8.5 cm• 10 packs of 60 pieces (total 600 pieces)Fill these disposable tea bags with your favorite loose tea. These bags can also be used to make dashi- just fill them with...

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