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[Clearance] Kyocera Ceramic Y-Peeler

$9.95 $5.00

Kyocera's new horizontal Y peeler features two eye corers to remove imperfections and a comfortable ergonomic handle that complements the Revolution Series cutlery line.Brightly colored peelers are a great introduction to ceramics in the kitchen...

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[Clearance] Stainless Steel Konro Base

$16.00 $12.50

This Konro base is for use with tabletop cookware. Place the sterno (or other fuel) in the pocket and be sure to place a heat resistant mat or wooden board underneath.Specifications• Material: Stainless Steel• Dimensions: 4.72" dia x...

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[Clearance] Iron Tripod

$46.00 $23.00

Material: Iron Dimensions: 7 1/8" dia x 5 1/8" ht SKU#: 4674This iron tripod can be used with chafing fuel for tabletop cooking.

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