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4 Reasons Why This is the Best Gloves for Food Preparation

Embossed Gloves for back of house supplies
1 : best gloves for food preparation

Comfortable great fit

A tighter fit around the base of your fingers prevents the gloves from slipping off easily.

2 : best gloves for food preparation

Durable with an easy to grip finish

The gloves are manufactured with an embossed texture resulting in better grip, less slippage and less tearing when handling ingredients.

3 : best gloves for food preparation

Eco Friendly Polyethylene materials

The glove, made from Polyethylene material doesn't emit toxic substances.

4 : best gloves for food preparation


Even after washing your hands, bacteria can get trapped down in between your fingers. Regular plastic gloves are more likely to rip in the finger webbing area of the glove allowing bacteria from your hands onto foods and workspaces handled. The finger webbing area of Tokyo Pack's Embossed Gloves are reinforced and designed with safety in mind prevent bacteria from being transferred to food.

best gloves for food preparation

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