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Takamura HSPS Paring Knife comes with a leather knife cover as a gift to you
Why are Takamura Knives Special?

Takamura knives are made with HSPS (High Speed Powdered Steel) material.
This is the same material used in saw blades to cut through steel.
HSPS is known for its even distribution of Carbon and Chrome Molecules, but during the forging process the blades are hammered to further breakdown and disperse molecules.
Powdered metal technology also allows a much higher amount of alloy metals such as vanadium, which is responsible for the superior edge retention.

By processing it into powder form, Takamura Cutlery has been able to create a more ductile and flexible product. Takamura knives set a new standard of sharpness and offer a taste of what is possible when traditional knife making methods and modern steel making technology are combined harmoniously.

Takamura knives carry a high HRC rating but do not become brittle easily. The secret behind this is the powdered steel and skill of the blacksmiths who can properly temper the blades to have a hard edge without it becoming overly brittle

HSPS is also known as R2, which is a term that was coined by the steel manufacturer while Takamura was testing out different materials.

Takamura HSPS Paring Knife comes with a leather knife cover as a gift to you

Echizen (Fukui prefecture in Japan) hammer forged knives are known to have a thick spine but thin edge. By recreating this classic silhouette with HSPS, Takamura Cutlery has managed to produce exceptionally steady knives that can slice through effortlessly.

Anatomy of Takamura Knife

The HSPS core is sandwiched between soft low carbon steel.

While Takamura knives have a high HRC, they are still easy to sharpen because of this structure.

Vienna Leather Knife Sheaths

VIENNA is a leather design studio that was formulated at the intersection of food and footwear design. Their design and manufacturing process is embedded with as much function and domestically sourced materials as possible, they care.

This knife sheath is left raw and will gain character with time and use. Made of natural vegetable tanned leather and 100% food safe materials. Proud to be handmade in Brooklyn, New York.

Their products are currently only selectively distributed domestically.

a Takamura HSPS Paring Knife 130mm

comes with

a Vienna Leather Knife Cover

As a gift to you!

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