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The key feature of Shapton glass stones is the high degree of uniformity because Shapton engineers know about steel removal at the nano level. Sharpening is a skill that is vital for chefs and cooks but often undermined by many.  Shapton glass stones make sharpening easier because they do not need to be soaked, can create an edge faster and do not wear down as fast as regular stones. 

Experienced woodworker and US distributor of Shapton, Harrelson Stanley, explains why he was inspired to introduce Shapton stones to the US.

Contact Harrelson with any questions regarding Shapton stones: hap@hmsenterprises.com


The Shapton glass stone is the essential sharpening tool for any professional or home cook serious about knife care. A synthetic stone with a high degree of uniform abrasion, the Shapton needs no soaking. Compared to other synthetic stones, it creates an edge faster and doesn’t wear down as quickly.
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Shapton Diamond Sharpening Stone Fixer

Shapton Diamond Sharpening Stone Fixer

Price: $379.00 

SKU: 94139

Shapton Sharpening Glass Stone Holder

Shapton Sharpening Glass Stone Holder

Price: $116.00 

SKU: 94138

Shapton Sharpening Pond

Shapton Sharpening Pond

Price: $231.00 

SKU: 94137

31 Results (Viewing 1 - 24 of 31)