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From the professional cook to the home cook, Aritsugu's knives have been used by a wide range of customers. Aritsugu is located in Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji wholesale fish market, where they provide high quality cutlery at a reasonable price.
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Aritsugu Aoko Betsuuchi Deba 21cm

Aritsugu Aoko Betsuuchi Deba 210mm

Price: $465.00 

SKU: 91483

Aritsugu Aoko Betsuuchi Usuba 21cm

Aritsugu Aoko Betsuuchi Usuba 210mm

Price: $410.00 

SKU: 91487

Aritsugu Aoko Betsuuchi Yanagi knife

Aritsugu Aoko Betsuuchi Yanagi Knife

Price: $330.00 

SKU: 91484

Different options available

Aritsugu Deba 21cm

Aritsugu Deba 210mm

Price: $570.00 

SKU: 90531

4 Results (Viewing 1 - 4 of 4)

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