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Makisu Sushi Rolling Mats

An essential tool for any sushi bar, these makisu rolling mats are used to make maki sushi rolls.
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Bamboo Makisu

Bamboo Makisu, 27cm x 24.5cm

Price: $14.50 

SKU: 93918

Datemaki Omelet Makisu

Datemaki Omelet Makisu, 30cm x 30cm

Price: $23.50 

SKU: 91192

Half Bamboo Makisu

Half Bamboo Makisu, 27cm x 18cm

Price: $6.60 

SKU: 91195

Half Makisu

Half Makisu, 27.5cm x 14cm

Price: $7.00 

SKU: 90072

Kanto Makisu

Kanto Makisu, 27cm x 27cm

Price: $2.50 

SKU: 90155

Makisu Rolling Mat

Makisu Rolling Mat, 24cm x 24cm

Price: $1.00 

SKU: 94785

Makisu Sushi Rolling Mat

Makisu Sushi Rolling Mat, 24cm x 24cm

Price: $6.50 

SKU: 93329

Plastic Makisu, 26cm x 25.5cm

Plastic Makisu, 26cm x 25.5cm

Price: $8.60 

SKU: 90081

Sushimaki Makisu

Sushimaki Makisu, 30cm x 30cm

Price: $15.00 

SKU: 91193

10 Results (Viewing 1 - 10 of 10)

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